Jean-Pierre Cloutier - Translator
Source: English - Target: French

Formerly accredited by the Federal Government Translation Bureau (PWGSC) before dedicating myself mainly to writing, I was recognized the following specialities (codes in brackets reflect the Federal administration system of text categories):

Administration and Management
General (ADM 00)
Human Resources Management (ADM 10)
Advertising, Marketing and Information Management (ADM 40)
Management Operations (Theories, Methods, Planning) (ADM 50)

Federal Programs
Unemployment Insurance (FED 10)
Citizenship (FED 20)
Immigration (FED 21)
Employment (FED 80)

Military and Paramilitary
Security and Intelligence (MIL 80)

Humanities and Social Sciences
Political Science and Diplomacy (SOC 20)

General (TEL 00)
Broadcasting (TEL 10)
Telephony and Telegraphy (TEL 30)
Telematics (TEL 40)

Complete resumé available on request, all serious queries will be replied to.

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Last updated: April 2006