Right Politics and the Decay of Canada

VLC Robin Mathews- Right Politics and the Decay of Canada

"Right Politics is happening in Canada, in B.C. Relentless 'disinformation' is undertaken by Right monopoly media saying that neo-liberalism, privatization, and globalization (the same things) are all necessary and correct and the way to assure a happy future. All are lies. (...) The case of Haiti would be comic if it wasn’t so heart-wrenching. The U.S. became dissatisfied with Jean Bertrand Aristide’s progressivism (more schools operating than ever before in Haitian history, etc.). And so the U.S. kidnapped Aristide, took him to Africa where he insisted he was kidnapped. He continues to say that though he is back in the West Indies in 'sanctuary'. Meanwhile France, the U.S., and Canada are shipping troops to Haiti to ‘pacify’ the people. For the most part, the Canadian press and media report the U.S. overthrow of the elected leader of Haiti as a fine “democratic” move. In Haiti, once again, the people, unable to employ democratic means of dissent, are being taught to employ the only instrument of resistance left to them: violence."